Working together, Local authorities have a real opportunity to realise the benefits of scale that should be available to one of Europe’s largest funded pension schemes. The creation of up to six British Wealth Funds, each with at least £25bn of Scheme assets, will not only drive down investment costs but also enable the authorities to develop the capacity and capability to become a world leader in infrastructure investment and help drive growth. I know that many authorities have already started to consider who they will work with and how best to achieve the benefits of scale. These early discussions place those authorities on a strong footing to deliver against our criteria, and I look forward to seeing their proposals develop over the coming months.

In the July Budget 2015, the Chancellor announced the Government’s intention to work with Local Government Pension Scheme (the Scheme) administering authorities to ensure that they pool investments to significantly reduce costs while maintaining overall investment performance. Authorities are now invited to submit proposals for pooling which the Government will assess against the criteria in this document. The Chancellor has announced that the pools should take the form of up to six British Wealth Funds, each with assets of at least £25bn, which are able to invest in infrastructure and drive local growth.
An improved capacity to invest in infrastructure: Only a very small proportion of Local Government Pension Scheme assets are currently invested in infrastructure; pooling of assets may facilitate greater investment in this area.

Investment in infrastructure is increasingly being seen as a suitable option for pension funds, particularly amongst larger organisations. This may in part be the result of the typically long term nature of these investments, which may offer a useful match to the long term liabilities held by pension funds.

Developing larger investment pools of at least £25bn will make it easier to develop or acquire improved capacity and capability to invest in infrastructure. In so doing, it should be possible to reduce the costs associated with investment in this area.

Investment in infrastructure represents a viable investment for pension funds, offering long term returns to match their liabilities. Authorities will need to make their investments based on an assessment of risk, return and fit with investment strategy. However, the creation of large pools will make greater investment in infrastructure a more realistic prospect, opening up new opportunities to develop or buy-in the capacity and capability required.

Source: Department for Communities and Local Government